Women in Aerospace Canada

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Are We All Actors? – by Val Wilson

Are we all actors?? I would answer no. As someone who enjoys theatre avidly, I did not feel there was a connection between acting and working in a company or presenting to the board or training fellow workers. This article on “Executive Presence” by executive coach Gilda Joffe showed me how wrong I am.

Burnout is Real by Silvia Bianchi

Burnout is real and getting worse. The numbers are discouraging, for both men and women: 42% of women and 35% of men have felt burned out in the last few months (up from 32% and 28% respectively last year).  Furthermore, 33% of women are considering downshifting...

How to Attract and Retain Female Leaders

Many organizations are in denial that gender inequality still exists. It’s important that you and your organization get clear on the realities that women are facing today and the barriers that are preventing women from advancing their careers.
Women speak of these challenges daily, including:
• Being treated equally • Advocating on their own behalf • Trusting their own voices • Building alliances

The Imposter Syndrome By: Silvia Bianchi and Eva Martinez

It wasn’t until I was well into my career as an aerospace professional that I first heard of The Imposter Syndrome. And yet in that instant, I was able to relate to it immediately, knowing it was something that I had personally experienced without even knowing it was “a thing”. I felt like if I’d known about The Imposter Syndrome sooner, I might have been better prepared to identify when it was happening and be able to deal with it. So with that knowledge-sharing in mind, I recently presented a workshop on The Imposter Syndrome to REaDY – Rural Employment Development for Youth, a program sponsored by the Government of Canada created to help youth ages 15-30 achieve gainful employment. The program focuses on personal development, life skills, and employment development skills. In preparing for this presentation, a quick Google search revealed several interesting articles and perspectives on the topic.