Men, Stop Calling Yourselves Allies. Act Like One.

Nov 14, 2022

Submitted by Silvia Bianchi
Many people called themselves allies of an underrepresented group, like women. However, do they really know what it means to be an ally? This very interesting article explains what being an ally is all about.
The authors of the article recommends these 6 rules to really become an ally:

  1. Allyship is a verb, not a noun. We must act.
  2. Allyship is a journey, not a destination. Nobody ever “arrives” as an ally.
  3. Allyship is with, not for. We must collaborate.
  4. Allyship perpetuates autonomy, not dependence. We must feel accountable for the final outcome of our allyship .
  5. Allyship is about decentering, not standing in the spotlight. The spotlight must be for Women and underrepresented minorities and projects should be structured such that appropriate credit is given to them.
  6. Finally, allyship is critical of the status quo. Let’s review and change old practices that continue to support current inequities.

Read the full article HERE