Powerful Beyond Measure: By Nancy Barber

Whether you are a Formula 1 fan or not, the name Sir Lewis Hamilton is likely a familiar name for you. The Greatest Formula 1 Driver of all time, the 7-TimeWorld Champion with 103 race wins, has faced tremendous adversity since he was a kid getting bullied in the playground. Lewis, at the age of 38, is so much larger than Formula 1, and an individual who inspires me daily. Many know Lewis’s accomplishments on the track, but not necessarily his accomplishments off the track.

Take Your Career to the Next Level Virtual Lunch and Learn January 26 2023

It’s a new year and a new opportunity to leap outside your comfort zone and take your career to the next level! What’s one big change you’d like to make this year? How would you feel if you actually achieved this?

Women are Burnt Out – Article of Interest Submitted by Rebecca Hatton

“Frankly, women are hanging on.” In the article, The state of burnout for women in the workplace by McKinsey and Company, this is the one sentence that stuck out. Being a woman in corporate has always been tough, being a woman in general has always been tough, however external forces, such as a pandemic, has shifted the perception unlike anything seen before. A whopping 42% of women report being burned out.

The Eyeopener – Need for More Female Representation in Aerospace Engineering Submitted by Wintta Ghebreiyesus

Many women in Toronto Metropolitan University’s (TMU) aerospace engineering program say better representation is needed at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Wintta Ghebreiyesus, an aerospace engineering PhD candidate has done her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in aerospace engineering at the university. She estimated that in her time at TMU, women generally made up between 13 to 20 per cent of students in the program.

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