2024 Women Empowerment Awards Nominate an Empowering Woman within your Organization

2024 Women Empowerment Awards, dedicated to celebrating the achievements of inspiring women entrepreneurs and professionals across Canada. This annual celebration recognizes and honours outstanding women entrepreneurs and professionals who are trailblazers, change makers, and advocates who have made remarkable contributions to their communities and industries. The awards serve as a platform to uplift and inspire, celebrating diversity and achievements across various sectors and designed to empower women as key change makers in our community, support female entrepreneurs with their business and to help them advance in their careers.

Canadian Women in Aviation Conference May 13 – 16, 2024 Montreal

This exciting event will bring together women from all over Canada who are passionate about aviation. Whether you are a pilot, engineer, air traffic controller, or simply an aviation enthusiast, this conference is for you! Discover inspiring stories from successful women in the industry, participate in engaging workshops, and network with like-minded individuals.

2024 RCAF Foundation Scholarships Submission Deadline May 22 2024

Developed for Canada’s next generation of aviation and aerospace leaders, these 60 scholarships of $1000 are open to any student 25 years of age or younger who is either entering or studying in a post-secondary institution in Canada. They are designed to encourage students in S.T.E.M. studies in college or university that plan on future careers in the aviation or aerospace industry.

OAC 2024 Scholarship Application Deadline April 25

The Ontario Aerospace Council is pleased so be able to offer FIVE scholarships for the 2024-2025 academic year! Are you considering a career in Aerospace? Or are you currently enrolled in aerospace studies? All students going into or currently enrolled in an aerospace studies program at a post-secondary institution (college or university) in Ontario may qualify. The value of each scholarship is $2,500.00 CAD.

Redefining Success: The Uncomfortable Path to a Fulfilling Career Submitted by Ana Lovera, WIA Canada Member

Once, right after starting her first job, a girl discovered she wanted to be a great leader. To get there, she had a plan. work on her growth strategy, read a relevant book every month, network with peers and key players in her industry, take a class on communication, hire a coach, and many other things to grow her career and become the version of herself she dreamed of. But there was an impediment.

Virtual Lunch and Learn April 4 “How AI Enables Quantum Technologies Today”

In the tech and data intelligence worlds, a sandbox is where innovation is born. It’s a place where the brightest free-thinking minds from across disciplines come together to reimagine what’s possible. A collaborative environment where the whole is infinitely greater than the sum of the parts. At SandboxAQ, this forward-looking vision is core to everything we do. It’s how we became who we are and it’s how we know our solutions can shift the way your business competes in tomorrow’s marketplace. As the world enters the third quantum revolution, AI + Quantum software will address significant business and scientific challenges.

Mind the Gap submitted by Sajedah Rustom

Diversity comes in many forms, all required to work in harmony to advance the industry. Some of the themes at play include women in leadership, broad nationalities, culture, language and perspectives, STEM focus in educational institutions, progression, and professional development from top floor to shop floor.

CRIAQ 2024 Scholarship Competition Deadline: April 12, 2024

The mission of CRIAQ is to enhance the competitiveness of the aerospace industry by stimulating business innovation through collaborative R&D. This mission is accomplished through an ecosystem that brings together diverse talents and fosters entrepreneurship in technology. Equity, diversity, and inclusion principles are pillars of such an ecosystem. This scholarship program aims to encourage the next generation of women to choose or pursue aerospace-related university studies.

Leap Year Social Quebec February 29

It’s a leap year, meaning we have an extra day for an event. Join us for an evening of casual networking with the WIA-Community.

Empowering Women in Aerospace: Setting Goals, Achieving New Heights in 2024 Virtual L&L February 15th

Get ready to embark on a journey as we unveil the keys to your aerospace career aspirations. “Women in Aerospace: Setting goals, Achieving New Heights in 2024” is not just a workshop; it's your passport to unlocking the boundless potential within you.

Welcoming Immigrant Women to Aerospace

Women In Aerospace Canada along with UTIMUS, Immigrants Working Centre (IWC), McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI), and The Strong Link (TSL), will deliver a comprehensive suite of skills development and support to prepare unemployed Afghanistan & Ukrainian immigrant women or non-binary individuals who are unskilled to work in aerospace manufacturing sectors in Ontario.

International Women’s Day Celebration Calgary March 8

Celebrate International Women's Day in Calgary with Keynote Speaker Kendra Kincade, President & CEO, Elevate Aviation. Kendra’s journey began with a challenging early life, which ultimately drove her towards a commitment to helping others in their pursuit of self-discovery and success. In 2015 she founded Elevate Aviation after recognizing a glaring gender disparity within the aviation industry. Kendra is an Air Traffic Controller with NAV CANADA, Honorary Colonel of RCAF 417 Helicopter Squadron, Board Chair for the Alberta Aviation Council, Vice Chair for the Strategic Aviation Advisory Council of Alberta, and a Director, Writer, and Executive Producer for “Only Up” a feature length documentary following women in various aviation careers.