The Present and Future of Women at Work in Canada

Nov 14, 2022

Submitted by Nancy Barber

As WIA-Canada prepares for our upcoming Book Club this fall, I have been reflecting on some of the articles we read and discussed at last year’s book club. The McKinsey & Company report on The Present and Future of Women at Work in Canada is something that I rely on often, as I find it to be one of the most complete Canadian studies published on this topic. McKinsey points out to us in this report in 2019 that we in Canada are at a cross-roads, and although our commitment to gender equality in Canada is high, change remains very slow. It is fascinating to read this report today, especially to reflect on the further implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on our progress towards gender equality in the workplace. It would be especially interesting to see how women’s experiences in the workplace have changed around advancement, discrimination, and micro-aggressions with some companies undergoing significant workplace transformations because of the pandemic. Certainly, something for us to discuss further together.
Full article is available HERE