Ginelle Johnston

Vice President

Ginelle entered the aerospace industry in 2015, where she joined the CSeries (A220) program during its final phase of certification.

Ginelle is passionate about where business and engineering overlap which she has explored in various aftermarket leadership positions during her career. One of the most exciting points of her career was participating in the transition of the Bombardier CSeries to the Airbus A220. She now runs her own consulting business, Aftermarket Performance Solutions, where she continues to support aerospace and aerospace peripheral organizations.

Prior to entering Aerospace, Ginelle graduated with a master’s in physics (Quantum Optics) from the University of Toronto, and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from Queens University.

Over the past several years, Ginelle has promoted positive dialogue around the experience of women in the workplace. Passionate about overall diversity and inclusion, Ginelle also hopes to position herself as an ally for other underrepresented groups in the industry.

Outside of her professional life Ginelle is a sports and outdoors enthusiast. Spending weeknights on the soccer or ultimate frisbee pitch and venturing into the backcountry for long treks when she can.