Anesha Mohammed

Anesha Mohammed


Damineh Akhavan

Anesha Mohammed, co-founder and Director of Operations at Protein Pack, and Vice President of Edge Vision Consultants, accomplished an impressive 17-year career marked by progressive leadership growth across diverse business organizations. Her expertise spans operations, people management, and diversity initiatives.

As a results-focused leader and advocate for the people, Anesha motivates and inspires the teams, even under demanding deadlines. Her strategic management skills drive performance improvements and align with business objectives.

Some key aspects of Anesha’s impactful career: Anesha has consistently attracted top talents by implementing innovative recruitment strategies. She has also excelled in retaining valuable employees through personalized development plans and recognition programs. She has designed and executed leadership development programs that empower managers and executives to lead effectively. Her focus on collaboration and self-awareness has contributed to the growth of strong leadership teams.

Anesha consistently scores high in employee engagement surveys. She actively listens to employee feedback, implements improvements, and ensures that the workplace is conducive to productivity and job satisfaction, striving to create a happy healthy workplace.

Anesha has developed comprehensive training programs for employees at all levels. Whether it’s technical skills, compliance training, or leadership workshops, she ensures that learning opportunities align with business goals.
In summary, Anesha’s strategic vision, commitment to people, and operational acumen make her a driving force in the business world. Her leadership inspires others to thrive and achieve remarkable results.