With successful mentoring, studies have shown that 94% of employees said they would stay at a company longer if they were offered opportunities to learn and grow.

Only 15% of companies offer sponsorship and mentoring programs for women. Mentorships programs are a huge enabler for women to advance within companies and is often what new graduates, or people who are looking for new opportunities look for within a company.

As our industry commences a post pandemic recovery and we see the tremendous shifts and strides aerospace companies are promising, there’s no better time to link industry leaders with key relent to support their continued growth and development in the industry. Launching in March 2022, this program will not only offer a mentoring event, but we’ll provide courses on being both a mentor and a mentee to the participants to offer a structured approach to getting the most out of mentorship engagement.

As a result of the pandemic almost 20% of the current workforce will be retiring, or moving to other opportunities. This could potentially leave a huge gap within respective companies, because the brain trust will be gone. Mentorship is a way to mitigate the loss of highly-valued information and for employees to network and help younger professionals grow.

The future of our industry depends on the young professionals that come into their jobs with fresh new ideas to tackle the questions that we have spent decades either trying to ignore or not truly understanding what it means, because how can we prepare a diverse workforce for the challenges ahead, if they can’t get ahead?

Questions? Please contact mentoring@wia-canada.org