Ashley Lomibao


Ashley is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Science, specialization in Aerospace Engineering and Certificate in Engineering Business.
Upon the completion of her undergraduate studies, Ashley joined De Havilland Aircraft of Canada as a Structural Repair Engineer where she spent almost two years designing structural repair solutions for the DASH-8 aircraft fleet to address damage incurred in service by Operators around the world. She also provided additional inspection intervals as part of a specialized Damage Tolerance team.
Ashley strives for a career that will challenge her mettle, and one that will stimulate her in aerospace engineering as well as more broadly. Prior to her current role, Ashley fueled this passion for aerospace by leading and building various projects throughout her undergraduate studies, whether it be as an Aerodynamics and Stability lead for a blended wing body aircraft, a Systems lead for an asteroid mining mission Space System, assisting alongside a Sample Collection team for an on-vehicle system for collection and lab analysis of Martian regolith samples, or general research in applied aerodynamics for an ultra-long endurance solar-powered UAV. During this time, Ashley has also kept her background diverse as she is intrigued by interfaces between traditionally segregated disciplines. She conducted her undergraduate thesis in experimental research analyzing Silicon Carbide as a suitable plasma-facing material in magnetic confinement fusion reactors. She also gained over two years of professional experience, prior to De Havilland, at companies like Celestica and OMERS in the fields of IT, supply chain, and project management for electronics in Aerospace & Defense.
As an ambitious person, Ashley intends to pursue graduate studies in the near future, obtain a pilot’s license, and participate in more hackathons such as the NASA Space Apps Challenge she participated in this past year! Ashley believes that despite her ongoing interests in the aviation industry, a career in space will more than satisfy her voracious appetite for innovation as it is a very stimulating field that enables discovering more about what’s out there. With that, Ashley recently transitioned to Rocket Lab to support the design, testing, manufacture, and assembly of mechanical components for satellite missions deepen where she also hopes to deepen her understanding as to why the sky is not the limit!
Ashley’s accomplishments certainly did not come without obstacles. Ashley is a first generation university student coming from a low income family. Growing up, Ashley watched her single mother work hard just to scrape by. These circumstances have forced Ashley to not only support herself but also her family, working multiple jobs since the age of 14. While the drawbacks of coming from low income is strong, Ashley firmly believes that doing something you love with the added benefit of getting paid to do it is what everyone should strive for. Such experiences have propelled Ashley in giving back to the community. Throughout her undergraduate journey, this involved guiding incoming students by addressing their concerns or questions on student experience and academia as an Engineering Science ambassador in welcoming events, or promoting the aerospace field and Engineering Business minor through marketing initiatives with TSAA and ISTEP respectively. Furthermore, to ensure women have a strong voice within the aerospace industry, Ashley was admitted into the Women in Aerospace Canada organization through De Havilland. Through participation in leadership development training, mentorship, and networking events, she intends to promote innovation by women in aerospace. It is her hope that upon completion of her work in this endeavor that she may inspire the next generation of young girls to be leaders in the field. This voracious appetite to do so, especially as a woman, a member of a visible minority (South-East Asian descent), and a first
generation university student coming from a low income family, is what led her to continue her involvement with WIA through volunteering.
Outside of academia and work, Ashley enjoys lifting weights, playing badminton, hiking, and going almost anywhere to try a variety of cuisines. Ashley is thrilled to volunteer for WIA and build relationships with other talented individuals in the aerospace industry!