Virtual Lunch & Learn “What’s Space Got To Do With It? Reaching for the Stars: Lessons Learned Along the Way” June 20

Mar 25, 2024

Virtual Lunch & Learn June 20. 12:00 – 1:00 pm ET

Join WIA Canada on a captivating journey exploring the profound parallels between the boundless universe of space and the intricate pathways of career growth and life lessons. In this keynote,  Shelli will draw from her rich 25-year expedition within the dynamic realm of the space industry, intertwining personal anecdotes and invaluable insights gleaned from luminaries across the globe.

Venturing beyond the stratosphere of traditional career narratives, she will unveil the cosmic tapestry of experiences that have shaped my trajectory in this awe-inspiring field. From the exhilarating highs of discovery to the humbling challenges of exploration, she will  illuminate pivotal moments that have left an indelible mark on my professional odyssey.

But this presentation is not just about her personal narrative. Embedded within this celestial chronicle are the voices and narratives of over 100 global thought leaders. Their perspectives, distilled from insightful interviews, form a constellation of wisdom that adds depth and diversity to our exploration. Together, we will navigate real-world, relatable examples that transcend the cosmic expanse, offering tangible lessons applicable to any journey of ambition and aspiration.

Prepare to embark on a voyage where the mysteries of space intersect with the practicalities of career evolution. Join us as we uncover the universal truths and actionable takeaways woven within the fabric of a 25-year career in the space industry, illuminating a path for those reaching for their own stars.

Shelli Brunswick is an eminent figure in the realm of space exploration and innovation. With a wealth of experience spanning across a dynamic career, Shelli’s profound insights and visionary perspective have established her as a guiding force within the global space community.

Embarking on a remarkable journey, Shelli has navigated through distinguished roles within the U.S. Air Force, showcasing her prowess as a leader in space acquisition, program management, and congressional liaison. From her impactful tenure as the Chief Operating Officer of Space Foundation, she has seamlessly transitioned to her current role as the CEO & Founder of SB Global. Shelli’s leadership acumen is nothing short of exceptional, with a focus on strategic engagements and advocacy that reflects her profound understanding of the intricate tapestry shaping the global space ecosystem.

Championing key values nurtured during her military service, Shelli is a fervent advocate for space technology innovation, diversity, and inclusion. Her collaborations worldwide, uniting the commercial, governmental, and educational sectors, underscore her commitment to fostering a harmonious and progressive space landscape.

A prolific author and sought-after keynote speaker, Shelli’s impact is truly global. She delivers  100 motivational speeches a year, addressing audiences across continents on themes of career success, leadership, and workforce development. She has published many articles in consumer, technology, and space-related journals, including SpaceNews and Forbes Technology Council. Her role as a thought leader and her engagement with esteemed think tanks such as the Hudson Institute and the Wilson Center, as well as being the BIED Society Executive Director for the Center for International Space Policy, illuminate her capacity to shape conversations around innovation and technology.

She is the Board Chair for Manufacturer’s Edge, an approved center for the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Institutes of Standards and Technology, Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program, where she provides strategic, financial, and operational oversight. A board member for the GWLC of the WBAF, an affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion. She is a board member for AeroAI Global Solutions, whose mission is to leverage space technologies and artificial intelligence to create international solutions to critical global challenges.

Notably, Shelli’s influence extends to the future as well. She has contributed her expertise to research initiatives for NASA and ESA, shaping our understanding of the evolving global space paradigm. As a stalwart advocate for women in space, her accolades- Top 100 Women of the Future in Emerging Technology, Chief in Tech Award, two Lifetime Achievement Awards, the DEI and Role Model of the Year, and more -aptly reflect her impactful presence. As a global champion, she was selected as one of the 100 Voices for Our Planet by the United Nations, demonstrating her impact across a diversity of stakeholders and economic sectors.

Beyond her professional achievements, Shelli’s leadership spans international organizations, further amplifying her reach. Her involvement with entities like UNOOSA Space4Women Mentoring Program, WomenTech Network, World Business Angeles Investment Forum Global Women Leaders Committee and G100 Global Chair for Space Technology and Aviation underscores her dedication to nurturing talent and fostering global collaboration.