Empowering Women in Aerospace: Setting Goals, Achieving New Heights in 2024 Virtual L&L February 15th

Jan 22, 2024


???? Elevate Your Journey in Aerospace with Sky-High Goals ????

Get ready to embark on  a journey as we unveil the keys to your aerospace career  aspirations ????

“Women in Aerospace: Setting goals, Achieving New Heights in 2024” is not just a workshop; it’s your passport to unlocking the boundless potential within you. ????

Our Mission:

  1. Authentic Goal Setting: We’ll delve deep into your innermost aspirations, helping you set authentic, empowering goals for the year ahead.
  2. The 3 Key Steps: Discover the steps that transform those goals into reality, blending the magic of emotional intelligence with logical strategies.
  3. Community & Empowerment: Join a vibrant community of fellow members, sharing experiences, insights, and unwavering support.

 Are You Ready to Take Off? ????‍✈️

Join us on this exciting journey, where your goals become the runway for your aerospace success. ????

Dr. Cinar is an internationally award-winning coach specializing in leadership development and well-being, dedicated to empowering high-achieving women in business to rise above their challenges like self-doubt, self-constraints while igniting their wellbeing. With over 15 years of experience in the field and 30,000 hours of research, she has learned that empowered self-leadership is the key to rise.

She proudly holds the prestigious European Mentoring and Coaching Council International Coaching Award, L`oreal Women In Science Award, and has earned recognition as one of the ‘100 Best Global Coaching Leaders.’ Additionally, she is an honoured recipient of the Iconic Women Award by the Women Economic Forum.

With a diverse range of professional qualifications, including an MBA, PhD, and DSci, Dr. Cinar brings a wealth of knowledge to her leadership coaching and training endeavors. Her specialization as a Mental Fitness Coach for Leaders, using a globally proven program by a Stanford University lecturer, sets her apart. This program, often regarded as the secret power behind Fortune 100 Executives, has enabled her to facilitate remarkable transformations in self-confidence, stress management, leadership skills, and employee engagement.

As a passionate advocate for women in business, Dr. Cinar actively contributes to initiatives that empower women to overcome challenges, nurture their well-being, and achieve their business and personal goals. She serves as a G-100 UK Chair for Leadership Parity and is a proud Women Enterprise Scotland Ambassador, amplifying her commitment to gender equality and leadership development.

Beyond her coaching endeavors, Dr. Cinar is deeply engaged in the TEDx community, where she serves as an organizer and speaker, focusing on topics related to Resilient Female Leadership for Sustainable Development.

Additionally, she creates and conducts innovative bespoke training and workshops for various businesses, covering subjects such as Confident Resilient Leadership, Leading with Emotional Intelligence, and Responsible Leadership & Sustainability.

If you are an ambitious woman in business, Dr. Cinar is here to support you through coaching in leadership development and well-being, helping you transcend obstacles, turn your aspirations into reality, and make a lasting impact in your business journey.

On a lighter note, Dr. Cinar cherishes moments of pure relaxation while sipping her coffee ☕️ and indulging in her favourite dark chocolate snack???? Curious about how she finds tranquility in every cup? Join her for a chat and uncover the art of coffee-induced relaxation, and beyond true inspiration for success.