Advancing Women in Aerospace Leadership Program Part Two – SOLD OUT

Jul 17, 2023

Advancing Women in Aerospace Leadership Program

These Advancing Women in Aerospace Leadership programs regularly cost more than $650/person for each part. This program is fully funded by the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario). For more information, please visit Making these available through Women in Aerospace Canada FREE for participants living/working in Southern Ontario.

Program Overview

This program was designed and will be facilitated by Evoke Consulting. Evoke is a training organization who teaches leaders how to feel and project confidence in all interactions. Their team are leading experts in the area of gender diversity. They have designed and implemented women’s leadership programs for global companies across a range of industries. Most importantly, they have been working with Women in Aerospace Canada for four years and understand our business and industry well.

Download the Brochure: Advancing Women in Aerospace Program


Module Descriptions

Module 1: Branding Yourself

You already have a brand, but is it the one you want? This workshop focuses on helping participants create the leadership brand they want and how to best project it to others. We will look at what a brand is, how it is developed, and what behaviours participants can change to re-brand themselves.


Module 2: Positively Confident

Our confidence is often limited by our own thinking.  Whether you think you do not deserve to be in your role, or you feel like your accomplishments are merely a result of luck, it is hard to overcome this self-doubt, also known as the “Imposter Syndrome.” In this workshop, participants will work through this syndrome, discussing the limits of perfectionism and setting goals to help drive their internal confidence and overtake feelings of inadequacy.


Module 3: Developing Leadership Presence

You always know when a leader walks in the room. They seem to have an “air” about them. They carry an internal confidence that you can feel, and they bring energy to the room and those in it. How do they do that? It’s called presence. And it’s a skill that you can develop. Projecting presence will help others see you as a leader and will be more apt to listen to your ideas. This workshop will take participants through the key elements of presence, such as projecting energy and speaking with conviction. Each participant will also receive individual coaching on their presence.


Module 4: Handling Challenging Situations

As women, we are often faced with situations where we must assert ourselves. It might be being heard at a meeting, asking for a promotion, delivering a tough performance review, or saying no to non-value-add activities. These situations, and more, are prevalent in a male-dominated industry. This module will provide participants with the skills to present themselves as confident leaders in all of these situations.



Module 1: Navigating the Political Landscape

Opting out is not an option; there is always a power dynamic regardless of who you are dealing with, inside or outside of the workplace. That is why understanding and having an increased awareness about power dynamics can help improve how you attain power and your ability to influence. In this workshop, we will look at what political capital is, and how participants can build it over time. The good news is – they have control over where they invest political capital and the ability to monitor where they stand with different individuals.


Module 2: Growing Your Network 

Gone are the days of transactional business. People are naturally inclined to do business with people with whom they have relationships. That’s why improving your network will improve your professional life. In this workshop, participants will examine who is in their network, who they should seek to build relationships with, and who will help them develop the skills required to get them started. From small talk to big business, this module sets them up for success.


Module 3: Building Strategic Relationships 

It’s important to surround yourself with advisors and champions, but where do you find them? You’ve heard of mentors and sponsors, but do you know the difference between them? Do you have both in your life, and if not, do you know how to secure them? Research says women are over mentored and under sponsored. This module will explain the benefits of both and will help participants identify what they need in each.


Module 4: Adapting to Change 

The only constant in the world is change. We are all impacted by change nearly every day, which can either be negative or positive. How we are impacted depends on our ability to adapt to change. In this workshop, participants will learn how to support themselves and others through change so that they can grow and thrive as a result of the experience. We will walk through a change that participants are facing or have gone through, and they will learn strategies for managing it well.

This program will be facilitated by Elissa Lansdell. Elissa is passionate about developing and empowering others and has worked with thousands of leaders around the world to develop their courage and confidence. She possesses an excellent combination of industry-specific knowledge, global subject matter expertise, and an engaging instructional style. We are confident you will learn in a fun, and safe environment with Elissa as your instructor.