Take Vacations, They Are Important!

Nov 14, 2022

Vacations aren’t just about going places and seeing things. In fact, a great vacation doesn’t even necessitate travel. Staying home with a cozy blanket and Netflix queued up can be just as restful, maybe even more so, than hitting up a tropical destination (because. let’s face it. air travel is rarely stress-free.) The point: vacations are also a break from your work routine. They allow you to take a step back from stress and deadlines, and just chill.

Taking vacation is linked with a wide variety of health benefits. A decrease in stress levels. A stronger immune system. Heart-health and a reduced risk of heart disease. Mental health benefits. Better sleep. Relationship building. A better question might be, are there any downsides for your health? (The answer seems to be no, as far as we can tell.) So, just take a vacation, okay? It’s better for you than any superfood will ever be.

In a study reported by Forbes, managers say they recognize the benefits of vacation time for employees and the companies they work for. Statistically, time off results benefits including higher productivity, stronger workplace morale, greater employee engagement and retention, and significant health benefits, all of which measurably and directly affect an organization’s bottom line.

Many employees operate under the impression that taking time off makes them appear less dedicated. They may be on to something, as nearly 34% of managers discourage leave. Others support the idea of time off in principle, but workloads and imposed deadlines make taking a break all but impossible. Given the countless benefits of vacation, it’s hard to understand why.

Those who put in the longest hours aren’t necessarily the ones getting the most done. Would you rather a refreshed and sharp employee who’s raring to go, or a tired, overworked employee who’s going through the motions? The first employee is going to be more accurate, more productive, and more creative. All you have to do is give them a little breathing room to recharge when they need some downtime.