Leading Ladies of Aerospace

Nov 14, 2022

Eva Martinez

Recently I participated in the First Annual Leading Ladies of Aerospace Virtual Summit and it was a HUGE success!  With over 350 participants from around the world with a lineup of 20 incredible and inspirational speakers, the event was organized to raise funds to help those whose employment was affected by COVID-19.  And we all know just what a hit aerospace and aviation have taken.  Besides the charitable aspects of the event, the virtual summit was an opportunity to connect women of aerospace from around the world to promote professional and personal strategies for enhancing women’s presence in the industry.  The event served to inspire women working in the aerospace industry to reach their personal best and be leaders within their companies, by providing them with tools and strategies for career advancement, access to role models, and a variety of perspectives of the journey they can take.

As we continue to deal with the impact of this global pandemic, the importance of connecting, motivating and inspiring cannot be stressed enough.

I wanted to share with you some of the resources from this event.  Such as:

  • The inspirational video A Time for Change – the numbers are jaw dropping! It is indeed time for change! #25By25 is a fantastic campaign that we should all be supporting!
  • Opportunities and Challenges for Women in Aerospace by Lissandre Kenkel
  • A-Wing which stands for – Aviation Women Inspiring the Next Generation – a not-for-profit organization for women pursuing aviation/aerospace careers.Their goals include creating a body reflective of the aviation industry while inspiring and mentoring ladies following in our footsteps to celebrate and encourage diversity in the workplace and finally bridge generational and gender divides.

I encourage you to join/follow the Leading Ladies of Aerospace LinkedIn Group to network and share ideas. Perhaps you will consider attending next year’s summit with me!

Beyond Women in Aerospace Canada, there are many organizations and countless women and male allies creating much needed energy and collaboration.  We owe it to future generations to mentor, inspire and assist them as they prepare to take our places in the work force while continuing to expand the number of women working in this industry. The conference emphasized the importance of collaborating our way out of this crisis.  Let’s count on one another so that we can continue showing up as the best versions of ourselves with resilience, courage and compassion.