Don’t Just Mentor Women and People of Color. Sponsor Them.

Nov 14, 2022

Women in Aerospace Canada is aware of the difference between sponsorship and mentorship and how key this is to ensure that women and members of minorities can be fully represented in the industry as well as fully supported in their career. The article “Don’t Just Mentor Women and People of Color. Sponsor Them” from Associate Professor Rosalind Chow published in June 30 2021 in the Harvard Business Review explains so well the differences and also gives very practical advice on how to perform sponsorship tactics and the intended goals for each one with clear behavioural examples.

“Allies need to not only offer the emotional support of mentoring but also be intentional about identifying opportunities for sponsorship and using our social capital to lift up those who might otherwise go unnoticed. Sponsorship alone isn’t enough to address the deep-seated challenges associated with systemic racism, but it is a personal action that all of us can take to help make the world a more equitable place”