Career Changes During COVID-19

Nov 14, 2022

Eva Martinez

In a recent survey conducted by Women in Aerospace Canada designed to determine the impact that COVID-19 has had on our community, approximately 89% of respondents indicated that the global pandemic had given them pause to reflect on their careers.  Whether having to adjust to working from home (in many cases with young children and/or partners also at home) or the impact of donning PPE and observing health and safety precautions for those required to remain in the workplace, the impact has been significant and all respondents revealed that they have indeed been affected. Grappling with normal, unnormal, new normal, and next normal, it should come as no surprise that careers have been a hot topic.  Particularly for those laid off, forced into furlough, or facing reduction in hours, wages or salaries.  The breadth and depth of the impact has been extensive.

Of those reflecting on their careers, 38% indicated they were considering a career change.  But what are the alternatives especially as COVID-19 continues to impact the workforce landscape.  Our survey revealed that of those considering a career change, 28% were considering a different role within their current employer; 49% were considering a different industry not related to aerospace; and 30% were considering entrepreneurship. Most cited as a motivator for a change was the lack of support demonstrated by their current employer during the lockdown.

So what can you expect when job hunting without an end in sight to this global pandemic?  Besides the concern of the availability of meaningful employment, and the competitiveness of others also seeking new careers, traditional methodologies like in-person networking have changed.  Korn Ferry’s article “Job Hunting During a Pandemic” acknowledges that what worked before may not work today and provides actionable job searching tactics for these unprecedented times.

The recruitment process itself is not what it used to be.  With in-person interviews shifting to virtual platforms, can you walk away with a true sense of a company’s culture?  Mary Grace Garis’ article “4 Virtual Interview Tips That’ll Give You a Real Sense of a Company’s Culture”provides great advice.

To further explore pandemic and post-pandemic career trends and opportunities, join Women in Aerospace Canada on Thursday July 30 for a conversation with Barry Wohl, President of The Wohl Group, one of Canada’s leading recruiting groups.  Click herefor more details.  We look forward to “seeing” you at this event.