Are We All Actors?

Nov 14, 2022

Submitted by Val Wilson

Are we all actors?? I would answer no. As someone who enjoys theatre avidly, I did not feel there was a connection between acting and working in a company or presenting to the board or training fellow workers. This article on “Executive Presence” by executive coach Gilda Joffe showed me how wrong I am. Joffe explains what Presence is: “that indefinable something that makes you sit up and notice when someone enters a room. Something about them, the way they carry themselves, move, or speak, intrigues you and keeps your eyeballs following their every move.”

Surely, you’ve seen this phenomenon, whether on the stage at a performance or in a meeting. Do you ever wish you had even a fraction of that presence? Good news…we can all develop presence. How we express ourselves will be the determining factor in other people’s decisions about us and our capabilities.

Executive presence is like stage presence and the same skills used by actors can be used in our everyday life. Read how we can all channel our inner actors!!