Women in Aerospace Canada is proud to endorse the launch of The Flaunt Club – a free, online (Instagram) community that encourages everyone to live unapologetically confident.   And by flaunt, we mean to radiate confidence.


The purpose of The Flaunt Club is to create a movement that redefines flaunting from being something negative to something positive.  Co-founded by the President of Evoke Consulting, Brenda Landry has been working with people from around the world for over a decade and one thing she has noticed is that most of us need and want to have more confidence.

A lack of confidence impacts one’s ability to speak up, ask for a promotion or be seen and heard as a leader.  Flaunting is a form of self-promotion – something which makes many of us uncomfortable. The Flaunt Club isn’t just about showing off our wins, it’s about feeling proud. In The Flaunt Club, we talk about feeling it and flaunting it – it’s an inside-out process. The Flaunt Club aims to empower, equip and encourage women to feel proud of their accomplishments and share them with others.  Want to learn more?

Join us to learn about Flaunt February…a month full of challenges (and awesome prizes) to help develop your flaunting skills. Follow The Flaunt Club today to learn new skills, support others and start flaunting your stuff! The community is open to all genders and inclusivity is one of our values.

Women in Aerospace Canada is pleased to hosttwo information sessions with Brenda Landry, Co-founder of The Flaunt Club and President of Evoke Consulting as she tells us more about the Club and what you can expect!  No need to register, simply log into zoom at the day/time that works best for you!