Women in Aerospace Canada (WIA-Canada) is delighted to partner with Supply Chain Coach and Consultant Ana Lovera to provide this exclusive Supply Chain 101 Technical Series to our aerospace community: open to women and men in any role. Whether you are a supply chain professional or not, this unique program is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to gain knowledge on supply chain activities, especially as these have become more critical than ever in the post-pandemic business world and ongoing economic recovery efforts.

We recognize that knowledge contributes significantly to confidence and as our careers progress, it is crucial to develop a more holistic understanding of the forces that influence business operations and how we can manage them efficiently. Join WIA-Canada and Coach Ana Lovera, a 20+ year veteran of the manufacturing industry for a provocative look at the intricacies of the supply chain world.

This virtual 6-week workshop will take place via Zoom on Wednesdays from 12 pm to 1:30 pm Eastern and will cover the following topics:

● 12 Jan 2022 – Getting Started in Supply Chain Management

● 19 Jan 2022 – The Supplier Development Journey

● 26 Jan 2022 – Understanding ERP Systems and Inventory Management

● 02 Feb 2022 – Risk Assessment and Crisis Management in Supply Chain

● 09 Feb 2022 – Supply Chain Sustainability and Innovation

● 16 Feb 2022 – Increase Confidence through Expertise: A Workshop

(Please note that all sessions will be recorded and made available exclusively for registered participants if unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts.)

After this series, you can expect the following outcomes:

● Gain knowledge about the origins and evolution of the Supply Chain discipline and its influence in the present and future of our world

● Visualize the power of efficient supply chain operations in customer satisfaction and enduring business growth

● Learn about the power of supplier development and relationship management to create enduring strategic alliances with suppliers

● Get clarity about how supply chain knowledge enhances your holistic understanding of your business organization and position yourself as a thought-leader therein.

This exclusive Supply Chain 101 Technical Series is being featured at a price of *$300 for WIA-Canada members in good standing or *$450 for non-members. Consider asking your manager to invest in your professional development as your organization will undoubtedly benefit from the knowledge you will gain. We can help you with the “ask”.

*Registering more than three (3) employees, please contact us for a volume discount.