Today we had a great session led by Gabriella Goddard with our WIA Canada members. We discovered our Lumina Splash profile which will help us be more adaptable, agile, and resilient in such fast-changing times.

We enjoyed the interactive session and conversations as we explored our personality strengths and natural capabilities, and how to flex our style to get the best out of others.    

Stand Tall & Step Up
The business landscape is changing – fast. To successfully navigate your way through these turbulent times, you need to be more adaptable, agile and resilient. In this highly interactive session, we’ll use the Lumina Splash app to explore your personality strengths and natural capabilities, and how you can flex your style to get the best out of others. When you stand tall in who you are and know what value you bring, you’ll naturally feel more courageous and confident – no matter what is happening in the world around you.
Gabriella Goddard is the Coaching Director at the Space Leadership Academy with over 19 years of international experience in Executive Coaching and Leadership Development. She is an alumni of the International Space University and a past member of UK Space Agency’s LEO Accelerator program. She regularly writes articles on leadership for Forbes Coaches Council and is the published author of “Gulp: The 7-day crash course to master fear and break through any challenge.”
When:  September 16th at Noon ET
Virtual:  Zoom Conferencing (link will be provided after registration)