Role Incredulity – a term I had not heard before until I read this article from Harvard Business Review. Through the course of my career I have experienced this “role Incredulity” many times, as many women in industry have. People assuming you are not in charge because you are a woman, and think you are in meetings to take notes or serve coffee. At our book club this fall, we discussed this article and our own experiences.

We have all experienced it, from comments such as “you don’t look like an engineer” to “women can’t land airplanes on floats” it remains shocking, and concerning we still face this.  We debated the solution set in the article as to if it would be helpful or not, but in the end, we all agreed the most important thing to do when this happens to you is address it head on, no matter how uncomfortable this may be. Have a read of the article and share your experiences with all those around you, the more we talk about it, the more we are education people on what barriers exist and how workplace cultures need to change to become inclusive.