To Elliott Matsuura basic machine pricing is important, but to-day intelligent and educated customers are willing to pay for technology, quality and services – in other words, for VALUE. Different customers have different needs and perceive VALUE differently: process engineering, machine reliability, productivity, technology, quality, support and services, reliable deliveries and start-up, financing, competent sales engineers, obtaining prompt and accurate information, timely and satisfactory resolution of field problems, availability of complimentary products, etc.

2120 Buckingham Road
Oakville, ON L6H 5X2

Schedule:  Friday, April 12, 2019

11:30 am Registration & Networking

12:00 pm Welcome & Lunch

12:45 pm Workshop with Guest Speaker Trecia Mclennon Co-Creating Cultural Awareness

1:30 pm Elliott-Matsuura Canada Facility Tour & Machine Demo

Workshop Objectives:
Identify visible and invisible elements of culture. List elements of your own cultural identity, Identify at least one inclusive practice to commit to trying out in our work and personal lives.

Trecia Mclennon is Founder & CEO of Culturiousity.

Culturiousity’s mission is to be the first place people choose to cultivate cultural competence domestically and globally.  Cultural competence requires self awareness, curiosity and empathy. Culturiousity serve  and partner with organizations, groups and individuals committed to adding holistic value in their work, life and community.

Member. $25
Non-Member. $40

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