International Space Development Conference

May 20-24, 2015

Marc Garneau, Buzz Aldrin, Anousheh Ansari, Kip Thorne, Janet Ivey, Jeffrey Manber and dozens of other notable speakers will be heading to Toronto along with upwards of a 1000 other attendees for the 34th International Space Development Conference and Space Innovation Business Summit taking place between May 20-24, 2015.

The annual National Space Society conference will be co-hosted by the Canadian Space Commerce Association. It is only the second time the conference has been held outside of the U.S., the first being in Toronto in 1994, and shows the importance the Canadian space sector has to the global space community.

The theme for this year’s conference is Next Breakthrough Technologies.
The conference will open with a full day dedicated to the business sector with the Space Innovation Business Summit. The summit is bringing together companies who are innovating, looks at funding innovation and discusses the markets that are being created and how they are evolving.

• Hear first-hand from companies who are some of today’s innovation leaders as they share lessons learned.
• Hear from industry research leaders about the trends and how markets are evolving.
• Hear how companies are funding innovation including how crowdfunding is more than a fundraising tool.

The summit then transitions to four days of plenaries, multiple track sessions along with many social events.

Track topics include; Space Technology and Innovation, Space Solar Power, Space Law and Policy, Space Science, Living in Space, Launch Pad Talks, Space Settlement and Exploration, and Space Education and Engagement.

This last topic is an important topic and the conference will include the presentation of awards for several student contests. Several hundred students are expected to attend the conference.

Online registration is currently open with a variety of options, from single-day registration passes to full conference registration with meals. Discounts are provided for youth, full-time students, seniors, and members of the National Space Society and its affiliates. This year, local Toronto and Ontario residents also receive a substantial discount.

About the International Space Development Conference®

The annual International Space Development Conference® (ISDC) is the keynote event of the National Space Society, bringing together leading managers, engineers, scientists, educators, and business people from civilian, military, commercial, entrepreneurial, and grassroots advocacy space sectors, to work toward the common goal of developing a spacefaring civilization. ISDC has attracted up to 1300 attendees from over 20 countries, and has featured renowned speakers. The conference has been held in various locations throughout North America, with the 34th annual conference taking place in Toronto, Canada. The Canadian Space Commerce Association is the co-host of ISDC® 2015.

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