The Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace (CCAA) is in development of three (3) new national occupational standards in response to industry demand and the requirements of the changing workforce in follow up to the CCAA Occupational standards survey completed January 2020. CCAA has awarded a contract to Human Resources Systems Group (HRSG) to develop new National Occupational Standards (NOCs) for the following positions:

  1. Aerospace Manufacturing Technician – Some job responsibilities of an Aerospace Manufacturing Technician:
    1. Familiarity with aerospace design, modelling, and manufacturing.
    2. Utilization of computer-aided design, CAD.
    3. Demonstrate knowledge of computer-aided manufacturing, CAM.
    4. Programming, running, and troubleshooting computer numerically controlled, CNC, operations.
  2. Aerospace Manufacturing Technologist – Some job responsibilities of an Aerospace Manufacturing Technologist:
    1. Programming simulations.
    2. Conduct finite element analysis.
    3. Develop and implement action plans.
    4. Plan and manage projects.
    5. Manage operations.
    6. Lead multidisciplinary teams.
  3. Space Systems Technician – Some job responsibilities of a Space Systems Technician:
    1. Knowledge of advanced electronics, test instrumentation and mechanical assembly.
    2. Build and maintain test equipment for assemblies and sub-assemblies.
    3. Operate equipment to perform tests.
    4. Assist Space System Test Engineers.
    5. Possess high-quality soldering skills
    6. Troubleshoots equipment.
    7. Conduct preventative maintenance on test equipment and data acquisition systems.

NOCs identify the skills and knowledge needed for workers to perform competently in the workplace. These standards serve as a foundation for developing a better qualified workforce, managing staff and enhancing workers’ performance.
There are several ways to participate for each position based on interest and availability:  (Note: Virtual participation due to COVID)

Participation Area When Time Commitment (Hours)
Interviews with Experts July 2021 1.5
Focus Group August/ Sept. 2021 4
Surveys September/October 2021 2
Competency Validation Meeting October/November 2021 2

We are seeking input from across Canada and want to ensure relevance to your membership and affiliates. Compensation is available for participants.  Please contact Marlene Conway Diels for more information