Women in Aerospace Canada and Catalyst Canada are excited to offer the opportunity to join us for two upcoming virtual workshops. These workshops were made possible through a very generous grant from the RBC Foundation. The RBC Foundation is seeking to play a more prominent role in advancing women in Canada. To do so, it has provided funding to Catalyst to offer some of our learning and training programs to groups across Canada.

Unconscious Bias to inclusive Leadership– April 14, 12- 2 pm ET

Here are the links to the various resources shared in the Unconscious Bias workbook:

Infographic: How to Combat Unconscious Bias as a Leader in Your Organization

Infographic: How to Combat Unconscious Bias as an Individual

Infographic: How and Why to Create an Empowering Workplace

Infographic: Flip the Script: Respond With Heart, Not Harm, in Tough Conversations

Infographic: Flip the Script: Create Connections, Not Conflict, in Tough Conversations

Flip the Script: Women in the Workplace

Flip the Script: Race & Ethnicity in the Workplace

Flip the Script: Sexual Orientation in the Workplace

Infographic: The Double-Bind Dilemma for Women in Leadership

Infographic: Break the Cycle – Eliminating Gender Bias in Talent Management Systems

Join us for the Unconscious Bias to Inclusive Leadership workshop, as we provide insight into how unconscious bias manifests itself personally, interpersonally and at an organizational level. Participants will conduct a deep-dive into how biases present themselves in different environments, and then learn and practice behaviors that will mitigate and interrupt those biases. Register here.

Inclusive Communication– May 12, 12-2 pm ET

Below are links to some of the resources shared through the presentation and in the participant workbook. We also recommend going to the Catalyst website to learn more.