The Art of Leadership is coming to Toronto on November 28th, 2017. This conference will sell out early! Register using promo code WIA20 and save $50 per pass.

The Art of Leadership brings together the most respected names in thought leadership in a place of inspirational interaction. Surrounded by a network of like-minded individuals, this conference is built around the stories, ideas, discoveries and collaborative moments that drive achievement. Speakers include:

  • Vice President Joe Biden– 47th Vice President of the United States
  • Amanda Lang– Anchor, Bloomberg TV Canada and Bestselling Author
  • Welby Altidor– Executive Creative Director formerly with Cirque du Soleil and Author
  • Tasha Eurich– New York Times Bestselling Author, Organizational Psychologist and Researcher
  • Vince Molinaro– New York Times Bestselling Author and Leadership Expert

For more information you can visit: The Art of Leadership


Register using promo code WIA20 and save $50 per pass.
For more information on seating and group arrangements please contact Vivek Mehmi at 416-479-9701 ext. 320 or by email at